Rosarium Philosophorum, Part 2

Rosarium Philosophorum, Part II

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O Luna, by means of my embracing and sweet kisses, Thou art made beautiful, strong and mighty like as I am. O Sol, thou art to be preferred before all light, But yet thou needest me, as the cock does the hen.
 Arisleus in a Vision: Join therefore thy son Gabrick, best beloved of thee among all thy sons, with …

Rosarium Philosophorum, Part 1

Rosarium Philosophorum, Part I

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Rosarium Philosophorum, or the Rosary of the Philosophers, was written by the alchemical adept Arnold de Villanova and originally published in 1550 in Frankfurt, Germany as part of a compilation of alchemy texts. This treatise is a testament that prior to 1550 adepts were studiously compiling, for their own benefit, insightful statements from adepts of previous generations about specific processes …