World Tree

The World Tree & Its Function in Myth

Transcendence Works! Mythology & Religion

In exploring the concepts of the World Tree, it is interesting to recall that the mythologist Joseph Campbell, after a lifetime of study devoted to the myths and legends of cultures spanning the planet, identified four functions of myth that were common to all its manifestations. The second of these was “to present an image of the cosmos… that will …

Moon Goddess Compendium

Moon Goddess Compendium

Transcendence Works! Mythology & Religion

The Moon Goddess and her soft glow in the night sky has been equated with power for thousands of years. Her rulership of many aspects of magic and the lunar powers within theurgy (initiatory magic) practices, along with her worship, has been a recurrent theme for as long as history has been recorded; her legends are painted on ancient walls …

Ancient Mesopotamia

Ancient Mesopotamia—Civilizations & Religions

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The civilization of ancient Mesopotamia is one that had significant influence on the ancient world, and the world at large. It was part of what is called the Cradle of Civilization, where some of the earliest forms of intellectual and social institutions emerged, including cities, writing systems, government and law. In this article, we will cover the period starting from …

Spider Goddess Mythology

Spider Goddess Mythology & Weaving in the Mysteries

Transcendence Works! Mythology & Religion

Because a spider carefully and patiently weaves an intricate web, their use in deified symbolism has been incorporated into ancient creation mythologies the world over. The mythologies in Western history related to spider goddesses and spider-beings as creators of life are numerous and wide-spread. Many can be traced to the common source of the ancient Egyptians which were subsequently adapted …

Private Practical Alchemy Training

Practical Alchemy Training

Transcendence Works! Practical Alchemy

Practical training in alchemy focuses initially on the process and obtainment of true quintessences from the plant kingdom through the Primum Ens process. The length of time it takes to get through this process is unique to each individual. Private instruction accelerates the process by making sure students are focused solely on what is productive to reach the goal of …

The UnderWorld Initiation

The UnderWorld Initiation by R. J. Stewart

Transcendence Works! Axiomata (Excerpts), Deep Magic

As the first post in the new ‘Axiomata’ category, I’ve chosen The UnderWorld Initiation by R. J. Stewart. Though it draws extensively from Celtic material, its value can be extracted by Seekers of any tradition as it exceeds its source material on many levels. I have quoted content that applies universally regarding initiatory magic within a deeper context of truly …

Magic Circle & Evocation

Symbolism & Power of the Magic Circle in Evocation

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Because man is a simulacrum of the universe (made in the image and likeness of God), all archetypal powers that exist in the universe also reside embryonically within man. Deep initiatory magic is about contacting the intelligences of those archetypes on the universal level to mediate that power back to connect, integrate with, and unfold the embryonic levels of the …

Gnosis Illumination Understanding

Gnosis in Context is Understanding

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My entire life I’ve never been satisfied with the vast majority of answers I was ever given on traditional spiritual matters, much less anything beyond the superficial norm. Questions that were answered usually just created more questions with equally unsatisfying results. Answers that many seem to accept at face value I never have accepted: I have this buzzer that goes …

Magical Path of Gnosis

About My Magical Path of Gnosis

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Spiritual training in deep core Western Mystery disciplines of ascension, seership, magic, and alchemy has been my primary focus since 1988. Though at times my training concentrated more in one area than another depending upon the adepts I had the privilege to study under: Reaching a deeper level in one root discipline generated further understanding in the others. Although I …

Seership & Initiatory Illumination

Seership & Initiatory Illumination

Transcendence Works! Deep Magic

Illuminatory Seership is a profound and truly Western magical initiatory practice, though little understood. It clears the channels of spiritual vision while gently awakening the Dragon of the West (called Kundalini in the East) to release the evolutionary power of true magical Illumination. The attainment of the full faculty of occult Seership is a simultaneous quickening of consciousness and the …

Hermetic Arts & Hermeticism

Hermetic Arts

Transcendence Works! Deep Magic, Practical Alchemy

Hidden in the depths of every sentient being is the impulse for evolution. In the soul of a human being this impulse, after refinement where the qualities of perception become more rarefied, begins a seeping through of the very essence of core beingness. This brings an awareness of the quickening of the original impulse… an impulse that is now pushing …

Ascension Meditation

Ascension Meditation: A Practical Tool for Consciousness Expansion

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This Ascension meditation process, as it was taught to me, is a modality that synthesizes approaches that are typically either Eastern or Western into one efficient construct that harmonizes both in a way that destroys root stresses buried deeply in the psyche without having to analyze them to break them down. This form of meditation is particularly suited to the …